How to Share A Report: Home Owners' Revenue Shares

Using the reservations reporting system, you can create customized data reports and share them with others.

You can customize your reports by choosing certain columns to display and by adding filters that then sort the data within the columns. There are 40 different columns, each of which holds a different piece of information about your reservations. There are 16 different filters, each of which narrows the range of information displayed in the columns of your report. 


One of the most common data reports created by our users is one customized for the home owners whose properties they manage. These reports typically display all of the useful and relevant information for these home owners, including their total revenue.


How can you create a report for your home owners?

1. Go to the reservations page inside your Guesty Dashboard.

2. Add a new column of "Owner Revenue". This column will include the total payout for each reservation minus your revenue share. Your revenue split can be setup with this formula.

3. Filter the results to view only the relevant listings you would wish to share in this report (i.e. only the listings belonging to this particular home owner). The filter can include one or multiple listings.

4. Save the report and give it an indicative name. For example - "Upcoming Reservations - Adam Landlord".

5. Share the report - click on the "Share" button and toggle on the proper owner's name. 

Then, copy the link and send it to the home owner. 

This report will always be updated, and will enable you to be fully transparent with your home owners. 

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