If This, Then That (IFTTT)

'If This, Then That' (or, 'IFTTT') is the set of rules and guidelines for handling your rental business. The experts will refer to these rules and guidelines every time they interact with your account. These precepts will let the experts know, for example, how they should handle a plumbing emergency or who they should contact in the event of a noise complaint.


Why should you use IFTTT?

This feature is important for users who subscribe to our guest communication services. For these users, the IFTTT rules and guidelines enable the experts to react fast, to solve issues, and to handle your account the exact way you want them to.

Some examples of IFTTT rules:

  • If there is an alteration, Then accept only if the payout is higher. If not, ask the host.
  • If there are no keys in the lockbox during check-in, Then contact the building manager and send messages to previous guests and cleaner to investigate.
  • If late check-in (after 9 pm), Then contact Sam for approval.


What is the difference between IFTTT and Saved Replies?

Both IFTTT and Saved Replies store information about your listings. The difference between the two features is for whom they're each relevant.

Saved Replies - pre-written, stored answers to the questions that are commonly asked by your guests.

IFTTT - pre-written, stored rules for our experts on how and with whom to communicate.

We will soon add the option to add and edit IFTTT list yourself. In the meantime, please contact our support team.