Guests’ private and public reviews

The guests' private and public reviews feature enables you to see your guests’ past reviews, both in the reservation screen and within each individual reservation itself.

To view your guests’ reviews in the reservation screen: 

On the right hand side of the reservation screen, you will find the columns by which you can sort your data report. Here, there are two relevant columns: (1) guest’s private reviews, (2) guest’s public reviews.

Once you tick the columns, your guest’s private and public reviews will appear in your booking report.



You can also find an already saved report named:"Reviews left in the last 14 days".


To view your guests’ reviews inside an individual reservation:

From now on, for each reservation you will see in your Guesty dashboard, there will also be the guest's reviews (both public and private). Note that you will able to see reviews for reservations made after connecting your Airbnb account to Guesty.


Why is it so awesome?

The reviews inside Airbnb are detached from their reservations, meaning that a host cannot see the full picture per reservation - the power of PMS!!!




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