Guesty's Property Management Software

The Property Management Software (or, PMS) is an all-inclusive platform that allows you to view, edit, update, and manage your reservations. The PMS includes four main branches: (1) a robust reporting system, (2) an in-depth reservations page, (3) search functionality, and (4) advanced calendar options.


Reporting System:

The reporting system enables you to view, filter, and share customized reports based on all of your vacation rental data. Using the 40+ columns of data and dozens of filters, you can create, save, and share your reports in seconds. The information  in the reporting system is collected from the different vacation rental platforms that you connect to your Guesty dashboard, notes left by our receptionists and post-booking teams, and your specific user-generated information (such as revenue share).

Learn more about the Reporting System. 


Reservations Page:

By diving into any of your reservations, you can see all of its relevant information in one place: from the time of check0in, to guest's reviews, to a full description of that reservation’s financials. Everything you need to know about each booking, in one simple screen.

Learn more about the Reservations Page.



Guesty’s dashboard will act as your own private database where you can search for any guest, listing or reservation in your account.

Learn more about the Search functionality.


The advanced calendar features are built to make your life a lot easier. Here is what you can do with it:

View - see all reservations for each of your listings in a single, simple calendar view. By clicking on each reservation, you can dive into the full reservation info.

Edit - use the calendar view to update the pricing and availability status of each of the dates. When using the calendar, you might want to read more about the calendar smart rules.

Learn more about the Calendar options

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