Multi Calendar

The multi-calendar view enables you to see all past, current, and future reservations for your active listings in one simple view. The multi-calendar view empowers vacation rental owners and property managers to handle all of their business’s data.

By default, the multi-calendar shows only ACTIVE and LISTED listings 


Key Features


Update the pricing for a single day or for a range of dates, whether they’re open, blocked, or reserved.


You can see only the listings that are available on certain dates, pending they are suitable for a specific number of guests. In the multi-calendar, you can only add/remove manual blocks. The following Blocked dates cannot be opened manually due to:

  • Smart rules
  • Availability settings
  • Owner blocks
  • Yearly nights limit

Add and view notes for blocked dates.


By default, changes made in Guesty will reflect in all channels. Changes made on individual channels will not reflect in Guesty and will not be passed on to other channels. Therefore, always use Guesty multicalendar to update availability and/or pricing to keep booking channels synced and up to date.

when setting up a smart calendar rule linking 2 listings, always tick the checkbox apply the rule retroactively to previous reservations. This will ensure no double booking will appear on top of an existing reservation

Listings are managed through Airbnb - by default, this toggle should be OFF, this toggle is only used for initial setup before all channels are synced or if an owner of a listing wants to manage the listing manually through Airbnb (not recommended). The toggle is located under Account > Integrations > Airbnb > Select the relevant listing.