Saved Replies

Saved Replies are pre-written responses that can be used in recurrent situations throughout the Guesty platform. They can be applied to messages with a guest, when contacting support, or even when our Guest Service Expert contact you.

By using Saved Replies, our experts will respond to questions in a manner and tone chosen by you.

Saved Reply templates are initially set up during the On-Boarding Process, but can be changed and added, or deleted by users at any time through the Guesty platform. This can be done using the Saved Replies tab inside each one of the listings.

In the navigation bar, go to Listings > Listing > Saved Replies

Why are there two sections of Saved Replies?



Some of your saved replies are unique to a specific listing, while others might be relevant to any or all of your listings.

The upper section includes the saved replies that are relevant only for the selected listing, while the lower section includes those that are linked to all listings on your account. This is important to remember, especially while editing or deleting a saved reply. Once you've edited a Saved Reply linked to several listings, the change will take effect in all of them.

When editing a reply, you can choose how many listings it will be relevant for. The header of the reply includes an orange title that indicates if this saved reply is applied to all listing in your account or just on the selected listing.



Creating a new Saved Reply

In the Saved Replies tab, you will find the Add a new saved reply button, located in the top right corner. 

When a guest asks about _______:

 This free text space allows you to label the new saved reply. We recommend that you write the primary subject or keywords for the question that this reply will answer. For example, this field can include "WiFi", "baby cot", "coffee machine", "parking", etc. If you service guests from regions with different names for the same thing, you can include multiple, such as “trash/garbage/rubbish. Please note that if you are using Guesty’s Guest Communication Services, we may alter names of your saved replies in order to help us more easily find them.

The answer should be _______:

This free text space allows you to fill in the exact answer that you would want our experts to use when this question or topic arises. This text should only include a direct answer to the question and not a full email or message. For example, for questions about WiFi you can simply write. "the WiFi network is VacationBnB and the password is 12345". Our experts will use these answers as part of the whole answer that they'll send to your guests.

This information is relevant for these listings:

As mentioned above, a Saved Reply can be relevant to one or many listings. In this field, you can add all of the listings to which this saved reply applies. To add these listings, simply type the name of the listing and choose the correct listing from the drop-down list. To link this saved reply to all of your listings, simply erase everything in this space.

This information is relevant in these cases:

As a host, you know that there are some questions that are relevant only before a guest confirms their reservation, some questions that are relevant only after a booking has been confirmed and, some that are always relevant. For example, "What is the WiFi password?" would be relevant only for guests with confirmed reservations, whereas discount policies will be relevant only for guests who are still in the inquiry stage. You can indicate which situations these responses are relevant for by using the check-boxes. The idea behind this feature is to make sure that our experts only access your information as it becomes relevant for your guests.


Customizing Saved Replies: Grouping in folders

Similar to the way we organize our files on the computer, saved replies can also be nested inside folders. For example, replies regarding the coffee machine, hot water, and A/C can all be inside the "Amenities" folder. This way, our Guest service expert swill have easier access to the different replies you've added. 


Customizing Saved Replies: Link to one or multiple listings

Every Saved Reply is an independent entity that can be linked to one specific listing, or multiple ones. It means that once you've edited a Saved Reply that is linked to several listings, it will take effect in all of them.

This is very useful to save time on copying the same piece of information again and again. 


How will you know if a reply is linked to more than one listing?

There are three ways to see it:

  1. In the Saved Reply screen, the replies would be separated into two different boxes:
    1. Replies Saved For Just This Listing
    2. Replies Saved For This Listing And Other Listings
  2. Once in editing mode, the header of the reply would include an orange title.


  3. Also in editing mode, you will see which listings are linked to this reply.