Saved Replies - View, Create, and Edit

Saved replies are an integral part of the high level of service that our receptionists can offer you. By entering into any one of your listings in the Guesty dashboard, you will see a tab titled "Saved Replies". In this tab, you will find all of the responses that we store for easy access when corresponding with guests about this listing. 

What is the difference between the two sections of Saved Replies?

Some of your saved replies are unique only to this specific listing, while others might be relevant to some of or all of your listings. The upper section includes the saved replies that are relevant only for this particular listing, while the lower section includes those that are also linked to other listings.

This is important to remember, especially while editing or deleting a saved reply.

How can I create a new Saved Reply?

In the Saved Replies tab, there is "add a new saved reply" button, located in the top right corner. 

* When a guest asks about _______: This free text space allows you to label this new saved reply. We recommend that you write the subject of or a keyword for the question that this reply will answer. For example, this field can include "WiFi", "baby cot", "coffee machine", "parking", etc. 


 * The answer should be _______: This free text space allows you to fill in the exact answer that you would want our receptionists to use when this question arises. This text should only include a direct answer to the question and not a full email or message. For example, for questions about WiFi you can simply write "the WiFi network is VacationBnB and the password is 12345". Our receptionists will use these answers as part of the whole answer that they'll send to your guests.

* This information is relevant for: These listings: As mentioned above, a Saved Reply can be relevant to one or to multiple listings. In this field, you can add all of listings to which this saved reply applies. To add these listings, simply type the name of the listing and choose the correct listing from the drop down list. To link this saved reply to all of your listings, simply erase everything in this space.

* This information is relevant: In these cases: As a host, you know that there are some questions that are relevant only before a guest confirms reservation, while there are some questions that are relevant only after booking confirmation (and, of course, some that are always relevant). For example, "how can I turn on the hot water?" would be relevant only for guests with confirmed reservations, whereas discount policies will be relevant only for guests who are still in the inquiry stage. Using the check boxes, you can indicate to which situations these responses are relevant. The idea behind this feature is to make sure that our receptionists only access your information as it becomes relevant for your guests. 

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