Auto Response

Auto Response is a smart message that is automatically sent to your guests if an inquiry is left unanswered after a specified timeframe (the timeframe is set by you). You can control both the content of the message and the length of the waiting period before its delivery. 

This feature is available only for Airbnb standard and upgraded integrations



  1. Go to listings > Automation tab > Auto Response
  2. Activate each message to turn it on. 
  3. Beneath it, you will see 7 different situations for which to create a message - 5 for confirmed guests and 2 for non-confirmed guests. 



Best Practice 

Inside each one of the options, you have two parameters to fill in; the message text and the message delay period. 

Customized message text

Each message has the same default content, which can either be customized or left the same. To customize the content, simply click on the text box and type your custom message. Each Automated Response message can be personalized to every recipient with the use of our many dynamic variables such as {{guest_first}} and {{host_first}}.

Message delay period

You can set the waiting period between when a guest's message comes in and when your Automated Response response goes out. The automatic reply will only be delivered in response to the messages that have not yet been handled by you or by our guest service experts. 

The minimum message delay is 1 minute.