Can I link an Automated Message or Saved Reply To Multiple Listings?

Both Automated Messagesand Saved Replies, can be connected to more than one listing. For instance, if two of your listings have the same check-in instructions, then you can set up one single automated message (containing that set of instructions) to be sent to guests who reserve either listing. 

How can a message be relevant for more than one listing?

Although the text of an Automated Message or a Saved Reply doesn't change, the use of dynamic variables in your template will customize that message upon its delivery, according to each booking and each listing.

With these variables, you can include personalized details (such as guest name) and relative data (such as check-in date). Then, at each delivery, the accurate information relevant to that reservation will automatically fill-in. 

For instance, when linking the same Automated MEssage to two or more listings, instead of writing out the listing's address, you would add a variable called - {{listing_address}}.

For the full list of possible variables - see this article.

How to attach a message to all listings 

In the lower section of the Automated Message or the Saved Reply's editing window, you will see this field:

When left empty, the message will apply to all of your current listings, as well as any new ones added to your account in the future. Please note that newly added listings will only be automatically linked to Automated Messages that have this field left blank. 

How to create a message for all listings except one

At this time, both our Automated Messages and Saved Replies systems support only the addition of listings, but not the exclusion of them. This means that if you would like an Automated Message to apply to all of your listings except for one, you will have to manually add each of the listings that you would like to be included.

Please note that if an automated message is linked to specific listings that you have added, then that message will not apply to any new listings added to your account in the future. If you would like to include newly added listings to an existing automated message, then you must go into that message's setup and add each new listing individually.

It is important to remember to manually remove any listing from an automated message if the message is no longer relevant for that listing's guests or team members. 

How to edit or review a message for only one listing

If you wish to change, add, or remove any constant information for only one of the listings linked to an Automated Message or a Saved Reply, then you must create a new Automated Message or a Saved Reply and assign only that relevant listing to it.

In the Automation tab of each listing, you can easily review all of the Automated Messages that are linked to it. In order to see and edit the Saved Replies, simply click on the "Saved Replies" tab.