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Multiple users can utilize the same Guesty Dashboard and account. This means that all staff or individuals associated with your vacation rental business can have full access to all data and tools, at the same time. 

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Who should use this feature?

All hosts who have at least one other person helping with or handling the business side of their vacation rental business. Be it a friend, colleague, or staff members – all relevant users can now have their own access to viewing, editing, and searching the dashboard. 

Each user access to your Guesty account is defined according to permissions and roles.


Why should you add more users?

1. Grant access to colleagues and staff members - when more people can access your account, more people can also help to manage your business with use of the many dashboard features, such as:

2. Enable usage of your dashboard by multiple users at the same time - all of the users can log in simultaneously, and work together on different reservations.

3. Assign users to tasks (both on the account and listing level) - for any task you create, you can also assign it to a specific user. That way, users would be able to track and manage their tasks, view their task due dates, and mark tasks when completed. 

4. Ensure higher information security standards - by granting access to different users, you'll be able to know who made each one of the changes that you see in your account. That way, in the event of a mistake or a breach of contract, you could easily look back on the sign in logs and understand what happened.


Who should be a user and who should be a contact in the phone book?

Any person (team member, cleaner) who requires access to any part of your Guesty account should be configured as a user. You can control to which parts of your account users have access to by adding permissions and roles.

A phone book contact can be everyone else. For example, your cleaners, home owners, plumber, your neighbors, etc. By adding them to the phone book you can assign them to specific reservations or simply store their contact information in a simple and easy-to-find manner. 


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