Inbox Functionalities

The inbox feature allows you to control all of your guest communication from one place. It gathers messages from multiple integrations including several Airbnb accounts and any other connected platform (such as HomeAway or 

When entering a specific message, the screen includes several options:

Multi-channel response - the most basic functionality is to answer the guest's messages. Using the inbox, you can track all of the communication with the guest, from different channels, in one thread! It means that if you started the conversation on Airbnb, sent check in instructions over email, and lockbox code as SMS, it will all show as one coherent conversation.

  • Airbnb - sends the message over Airbnb's platform. Currently, the functionality of sending messages inside a platform's messaging system is limited only for reservations originated from Airbnb.
  • Email - sends a direct email to the guest, based on its default email address (be it given by the platform or added to its profile).
  • SMS - sends an SMS message to the guest's default phone number (be it given by the platform or added to its profile).

Reservation's Status - a typical reservation goes through three stages: Inquiry, Booking Request and Confirmed. The inbox feature allows you to take relevant actions based on the reservation's status, directly from your Guesty Dashboard.

  • Pre-Approve - when a reservation is in status Inquiry, you can automatically Approve a future booking request if such is made by the guest. 
  • Approve / Decline - when a guest decides to send a booking request you have 24 hours to Approve or Decline it. 

Reservation info - easily see all of the information related to the reservation (or reservations) made by the guest. The information includes check in and check out dates, number of guests and payout. 

** If a guest inquired about several of your listings, you will see all of the different inquiries one after the other, so you could easily choose which one you prefer to approve. 

  • Listing's Calendar - as part of the reservation info, you can easily access the listing's calendar and update it directly from the inbox view.

Guest information - see and update information about your guests so you always have access to it. Every platform has different rules about what information you can access after check-out. In the Guesty Dashboard, your guests' information is stored forever.


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