Auto Review

The Auto Review feature allows you to automatically fill out reviews for your guests. This useful tool is designed to save you time and the hassle of writing similar reviews time after time. 

This feature is available only on Airbnb.

What can you do with it?

  1. Add several reviews - in order to prevent sending out the same exact review time after time, you can add several reviews that will be sent interchangeably. These reviews can also include dynamic variables to increase its level of personalization.
  2. Decide on delay time before sending out the review - set up a number of days you want to wait before sending out the review. The default is 3, but you can easily change it to facilitate your needs. 
  3. Fill in the number of stars - decide how many stars you wish to give your guests - from 1 to 5. 

Both the delay time and the number of stars will affect all of the reviews you add.


Will the reviews be sent to existing reservations or only new ones?

Once you toggle on the Auto Review feature it will affect all of the upcoming reviews that need to be handled - both for new and existing reservations (including reservations that were already checked in). 


How can I change my preferences for reviews?

There are 3 ways in which Guesty handles guest reviews - and you can choose to alternate between these methods at any time:

  • Templates for 5-star reviews are automatically sent, unless specified otherwise. The moment Airbnb let us know it is time to write a review for a guest, we go ahead and leave a 5-star review unless you mentioned otherwise during the booking life cycle. We offer many types of reviews and try to personalize them for each guest.
    It is known that a good review reciprocates back at you!
  • You can tell us to wait before writing a review to allow you enough time to choose if we should leave a review or not. Wait time options are: 24 hours, 48 hours and a week.
  • You can direct us how you would like to review a specific guest, and we will write a custom message.

From Sunday to Thursday, please allow up to 24-hours after sending an email for the changes to take effect

For Fridays and Saturdays, please allow up to 48-hours for the changes to take effect.