Custom Variables

Custom variables are a way to include dynamic data into Automated Message. They enable you to send the same template to different guests, while some of the information changes from one reservation to the other (such as the wifi password, or check in instructions).

Custom Variables give you the ability to use your own pieces of information as variables. The information shown in these variables is based on the data you've inserted into your custom fields, be it on the listing or reservation level. 

Using the Custom Fields

This feature allows you to create and serve any piece of information with your guests and staff. For example, you can create a custom variable that would include your lockbox code. This way, you would only need to update the code into the reservation or listing itself, without the need of changing the message's template.

Creating a Custom Variable

  1. Create a custom field - the custom field is the base for your custom variable. In order to create one, go to Account > System Settings > Add a Custom Field. This field can be a lockbox code, name of check-in person, or the date and information about a relevant event. 


  2. A custom variable is auto-created  - next to each custom field you can see its unique name that was created. 
  3. Add the new variable to an automated message - easily add dynamic variables (default variables automatically created by Guesty for you) and custom variables using the drop-down menus when creating an automated message.