Reallocate guests to a different listing

Property Management companies often hold listings on various platforms and accounts. Occasionally, they need to move guests from one apartment to another and face a risk of double-booking the new listing, sending the wrong check in instructions, or paying the wrong home owner. 

In order to help you manage these situations, you can simply use the Reservation Page to replace the listing in which this specific reservation will occur. 

** IMPORTANT: by changing listings, our system will block the reservation's dates on both listings. Reservations that originate from Airbnb, across different accounts, will stay this way in order to prevent the cancellation of the original reservation. 

How do I to move a reservation between two listings?

1. Enter the reservation you wish to move. You can use the calendars or the search function in the top navigation bar to search for the confirmation code or guest's name.

2. On the "LISTING" box, click on the pencil icon.

3. Using the dropdown menu, choose the relevant listing to which you wish to pass this reservation.

How will this affect the reservation?

Moving a reservation from one listing to the other will not have any affect on external platforms, such as Airbnb. However, regarding the Guesty Dashboard, it will behave exactly as any other reservation booked on that listing.

What does it mean? Here are just three examples:

* The guests will receive the new listing's hooks.

* Receptionists will see all of your IFTTT rules and Saved Replies.

* The Reservation Report will include the reservation under the new listing.


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