Permissions and user roles

If you are managing a business with more than one staff member, you probably want to grant different permissions to each of your Guesty account users. For example, a homeowner might need access to update only his listing's calendar and a cleaner would need to have basic information regarding each one of his assigned reservations. For that reason, we have created a very useful and easy to use role/permission system.

How does the permissions and role system work?

Every user can have multiple roles where each one of them is comprised of a set of permissions. When editing a user's roles, you need to decide to which listings will he have access with this specific set of permissions. For example, you can grant a user the role of "Calendar Full Control" to listings A, B, and C, and the second role of "Financials" to listings C, D, and E.

Roles are a set of permissions and are not different levels of access. Every user can hold multiple roles for multiple listings. This way, you can grant various levels of access by creating combinations of different roles. Looking at the example above, it means that this user will hold both roles for listing C.

You can see here a table that summarizes the set of permissions given to each role.

What are the permissions granted in each role?

  1. Listing Viewer - this is the most common level of access a user can get to a listing. This role includes sufficient information for cleaners or any other staff member that doesn't need access to private data. Granting this role will enable the user to see the specific listings you have added with all of the "publicly viewable" information it contains. This includes:
    1. Property Description including listing's address, map and cleaning instructions. However, the listing viewer won't see your Custom Fields.
    2. Reservations reports (only general information - no sensitive info)
    3. Reservation page with general information about the reservation and number of guests.
  2. Calendar Availability Control - this role is great for homeowners. It gives them the ability to edit their calendars' availability without seeing or changing the pricing. It includes all of the permissions which "Listing Viewers" hold as well.
  3. Calendar Full Control - users with this role will have permissions to see and update the selected listings' availability and pricing. This role is created for homeowners that want to stay in the loop regarding pricing or staff members whom you want to restrict from editing other parts of the system.
  4. Listing's Financials - this role will grant users access to see reservations' financials. Users will be able to see this information inside the Reservations Reports and Reservations pages in all of the listings to which they have access.
  5. Integrations Manager - this set of permissions gives its holder the ability to add and edit the account's integrations. This role is not related to a specific listing, but to the account as a whole with access to the preferences of all the integrations.
  6. Listing Manager - this role will give you a full set of permissions to a listing (similar to the Listing Admin role which you can see below), except for any financial information about the reservations. It includes full control over the listing's features in Guesty and access to the inbox (for the specific listings).
  7. Listing Admin - this role gives the user full control over all of the listings' settings, data, and reservations including Inbox access and financials. It should be given to staff members to whom you wish to grant access to specific listings, without sharing any information about the account as a whole. Users will not have access to listings they are not allowed to see, nor any information about the account's billing info, other users, account settings, etc.
  8. System Admin - this role is not related to any listings, but rather full control over all of the account. Users who posses this role have full access to all of the listings and their settings, as well as all of the system settings (i.e billing, account settings, users, etc.). Currently, the only people who can use the inbox are users who holds the "System Admin" role. Make sure that you grant this role only to users that you fully trust. This permission is the only one that can update roles for other users, view and update billing info and cancel your Guesty account.

Regardless of the role, users will always see tasks that they have either created themselves or to which they have been assigned.

How to assign a role?

Roles are assigned per user and can only be edited by someone with an "Account Admin" role.

  1. Go to Account > Users > click on the specific user you wish to edit.
  2. Scroll down to the Permission Roles box. In it you will see the current list of roles that the user has.
  3. All of the listing-specific roles (all except for Account Admin) can be restricted to specific listings.


If you leave the listing's list empty, the user will have the role's permissions for all of the listings. To choose specific listings, start typing their names inside the text bar near the role's name.

In order to avoid over-ruling, when adding a Account Admin do not select any other permissions.