Activating the PMS features on my listings

The Guesty service is based on two major components: A powerful Property Management Software (PMS) and our 24/7 Receptionist Service. The PMS is designed to give property managers and hosts full control over their data, save time, and increase revenue.

In order to start using the Guesty PMS, you should:

1. Connect your Airbnb account

2. On the navigation bar, go to Listings > Choose listing > Settings > activate PMS features 



What does the PMS include?

The PMS is comprised of dozens of different features that include messaging automation, a searchable database, a reporting system, a unified inbox and much more.

Here are just a few:


Have all of your guest communication from multiple Airbnb accounts in one place. The Inbox (which you can find on navigation bar) allows you to send guests messages via Airbnb, Email, or SMS all in one single thread. You can even accept/decline booking requests with the Inbox - no more logging into multiple Airbnb accounts! 



Automated Response (Answering machine)

The automated response feature (under the "Automation" tab of each listing) enables you to automatically send predefined messages to guests' messages, based on a set of rules. For example, you can send an automatic reply to guest's first inquiry (if you haven't yet answered it within 45 minutes).


Automatic Messages (Hooks)

Send automatic messages to your guests, colleagues, and homeowners, with smart dynamic variables. Automate the routine messages you send already. For example, you can send check-in instructions through Airbnb to your guests 3 days before check-in, an SMS to your cleaner 7 days before check-out, and send an email with the expected payout of a reservation to the homeowner the moment a booking is confirmed. You can adjust your automated messages under the "Automation" tab within each one of your listings.  We even have a series of Best Practices for Automated Messages to help guide you.


Search Box

Using the Search Box on the top bar enables you to search for any reservation, listing, integration or guest that ever stayed in any of your connected listings. This way, you have all of your information, across multiple Airbnb accounts and various platforms, in one place, easily accessible within seconds.



Reservation Reports

By clicking on the "Reservation" tab on the navigation bar, you will find a robust reporting system that enables you to sort, filter, export, save and share customized reports useful for making cleaning schedules, revenue reports, and more.



Custom Fields

The Guesty Dashboard is your own flexible database and CRM for guests, reservations, and listings. Custom Fields allow you to store information inside listings and reservations, such as lockbox code, guest's flight number, homeowner's name, etc. Every piece of information that is relevant to your daily management of the company can then be filtered and sorted by in the Reservation Report. 

To adjust your custom fields, go to Account > Account Settings