Activating the PMS features on my listings

The Guesty service is based on two major components: A powerful Property Management Software (PMS) and our 24/7 Guest Communication Service. The PMS is designed to give property managers and hosts full control over their data, save time, and increase revenue.

Start using the Guesty PMS

  1. Connect your Airbnb account
  2. On the navigation bar, go to Listings > Choose listing > Settings > activate PMS features 


Turning off the PMS feature alone will not deactivate the listing. Read more about how to deactivate a listing.

What does the PMS include?


Have all of your guest communication from multiple accounts in one place. The Inbox (which you can find on navigation bar) allows you to send guests messages via Airbnb, Email, or SMS all in one single thread. You can even accept/decline booking requests with the Inbox - no more logging into multiple Airbnb accounts!




The multi-calendar view enables you to see all past, current, and future reservations for your active listings in one simple view. The multi-calendar view is a feature that includes a  strong and capable set of tools that empower vacation rental owners and property managers to handle all of their business’s data.