Setting a default value for Reservation Custom Fields

How do I set up a default value?

Once you created a reservation custom field in the Account Settings, you can adjust its default settings for each one of the listings specifically. 

1. Go to Listings

2. Choose a listing

3. Click Properties

4. Look up for Default values for reservation extra information

3. Fill in the information you wish to include as default and click "Save".



What is it good for?

Custom fields can be created for either listings or reservations. The biggest difference between listing custom fields and reservation ones is the frequency of updating them. For example, a listing custom field of listing's owner can be set up once, whilst a reservation's custom field check in procedure might be changed dozens of times, every month. 


Reservation custom fields as filters for automated messages (hooks)

Each one of these fields can be used as a filter for automated messages, making it crucial that the field have some information in it. For example, let's assume you have two different check-in automated messages, one for guests who use the sofa bed and another one for guests who don't. The automated message filter can say - send the sofa bed manual only if the reservation's custom field of "Should make up sofa bed" is toggled On. However, you know that most of the time guests don't use the sofa, so you can set the toggle to show "No" as default, preventing from the sofa manual automated message to be sent in irrelevant cases. 


** Please note that the default information will only be applied to new reservations.

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