Unified Inbox: Advanced Features

The Inbox feature includes many advanced features that are created to help you manage the day to day communication with guests. We invest a lot of efforts in order to keep on releasing more and more advanced features to it, making the inbox the perfect tool for guest communication management

Saved Replies

“Saved replies” are pre-written answers to questions commonly asked by guests. They can be utilized in any form of guest communication: from inquiry, to request, to support. Instead of writing the same answers time after time, you can simply paste the messages and edit them before sending. If you want to edit your Saved Replies you should read this article.

To add a Saved Reply into a conversation, click on the drop down menu just above the text field and choose the relevant replies you wish to add to the text box. 


The filters are created in order to help you find specific types of conversations. To find the filters, you can click the on the icon on the top left side (just above the list of conversations).

Inside the new window, you can choose to filter the list based on conversation and listing related parameters. 

*Note: users with "Listing Admin" permissions will only be able to see conversations for listings they have access to. 

Assign a conversation

Team work is an important thing when managing a great number of listings, sometimes on different cities and countries.

By assigning a conversation to a specific user it can make the process easier, when everyone knows what they are in charge of. 

To assign a conversation, simply go to the right side of the conversation, just above the guest description and choose the relevant user from the list. 

Read / Unread

You can easily view which messages you already viewed and which one's still needs your attention. Once you enter a conversation, it will lose the blue dot that appears on its left side. In cases where there is more than one user in the account, the read/unread feature will still be per user. It means that it doesn't matter if someone else in your account viewed the message, only if you yourself did. 

If you viewed a conversation but still want to mark it as "unread", simply click on the eye icon on the top right side of the ticket, above the guest's info.

Star a conversation

If there is an important conversation that you want to easily find, you can mark it as important by clicking on the star just near the "unread" function. One of things you can use it for is to filter the conversations based on their status (starred or not).

Set up inbox notifications

On top of the default email message you receive from the booking channel for every new message a guest sends, we added an in-browser notifications system to help you lower your response time. The in-browser notification will alert you for every new message from a guest (for conversations that you have permissions to see), or every time you are assigned to a new conversation. 

In order to activate the notifications feature you should:

1. Click on "Account" -> "My Profile". You can also reach here by clicking on your name on the top right corner and then "My Profile". 

2. Scroll down to the "Notifications" block.

3. Click on "Subscribe to notifications".

Note: this function is for the browser itself, meaning that if you use more than one browser to view your Guesty Dashboard, you will need to enable the functionality on each one of the browsers separately. 


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