Adjust Minimum Nights

The Minimum Nights feature allows you to update the minimum stay of guests directly from your listing's calendar. This way, you can update this information in one place and send it out to Airbnb and any other platform connected to your Dashboard.

How to use the feature:

1. Go inside anyone of your listings and click on the "Calendar" tab.

2. Inside the listing's calendar, on the top right corner click on the "Min. Nights" button.

3. Inside the new window, update as many specific date ranges you wish to include special rules for minimum stay. Remember that you should only update dates that are different than your default minimum stay.

4. Click Save. When returning to this window you can see, edit and delete all of the upcoming rules you have set.

Key features:

1. Update multiple dates in one simple view

2. Easily edit and delete upcoming rules

3. Update the information in one place to populate it to all of your connected platforms.

** Note: setting up a minimum stay means that if a reservation is during one of these specific days, guests must stay at least X number of days. In cases where the reservation falls under more than one rule, the reservation's minimum will be the higher (more strict) rule. 

What will happen after you update the minimum stay?

There are two places where you can update the minimum stay. One, inside the listing's property tab where you can adjust the default minimum stay. The second place, inside the listing's calendar, you can add rules for specific dates, setting the minimum stay to be longer/shorter than the default minimum stay.

When updating any one of these options, we will automatically push this information to both Airbnb and all of the other connected channels.

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