Manual Reservation

The Manual Reservation feature allows you to add, edit, and delete reservations, all directly from your Guesty Dashboard.

The Manual Reservation feature will save the changes only inside your Guesty PMS but will block the dates on all channels.

Adding a new reservation

  1. Click on the + Icon at the top of the page. 
  2. Click New Reservation


  3. In the new screen, choose the reservation's status:
    1. Inquiry - when a guest only asks a general question. This won't affect your calendar.
    2. Reserved - when there is a clear intent to book the listing and it should already include specific dates + a listing. When a reservation is "reserved" your calendar will be blocked for the requested dates - similar to a Booking Request on Airbnb.
    3. Confirmed - when you are closing the sale with the guest. After confirming the reservation, the calendar will be blocked, automated messages (automated messages) will be sent and the Guest Communication Service will handle any relevant communication made with the guest.
  4. Define check-in and check-out dates and times. The number of nights will be updated accordingly.
  5. Define the source of the reservation - this is for your own use. You can write here whatever you want and use it later on to filter the reservations based on the source they came from (see reservations report filters for more information).
  6. Add a confirmation code - a unique "string" of characters and numbers that will help you find exactly the reservation you are looking for. If you are using any external booking system, you can copy the confirmation code in here.

  7. Choose a listing - to which listing this reservation is related? The listing's information is required only for reserved or confirmed reservations (so the relevant calendar will be blocked).
  8. Define the number of guests
  9. Guest's info - choose whether you wish to add a new guest or attach this reservation to a guest that you already have in the system.

    The Phones field can only contain numbers

  10. Add the financials - use this section to decide about a few different financial elements that you may want to include.
    1. Accommodation fare - nightly rate multiplied by the reservation's number of nights. This will be used to calculate also your avg. nightly rate for the reservation.
    2. Cleaning fare - this is the extra fee which you wish to charge your guests for cleaning. If you leave it blank, the reservation will include the cleaning fare as it appears in your listing's preferences.
    3. Guest tax / Host tax - any additional taxes you wish to include in the reservation.
    4. Payout - the total payout of the reservation. If you leave it blank, the payout will be calculated based on the rest of the fields. However, you can also write a number which is higher or lower than the calculated payout. This would be in cases in which you want to add a discount or include an additional expense.


Adding an Owners Reservation 

Owners can add their own reservation via the Owners portal.


White label communications 

For manual reservations, it is possible to set up white label communications. To do so, please contact us.