Creating a new listing

You can create a new listing directly inside Guesty and manage it as an independent listing or push it to external platforms. This way, you can use Guesty to fully manage all of your listings and reservations in one place.

How to create a new listing?

Creating a new listing in Guesty is pretty simple and intuitive. Just click on the plus_icon.PNG icon and fill all your listings details.



In the new screen you will see 6 different types of information you should fill in: Internal, Marketing, Address, Property, Stay and Financials.

  • Internal - you should fill in both the listing's nickname (easier for you to find), as well as tags you wish to include for it. These fields are optional and are for your own internal use inside of the Dashboard.
  • Marketing - fill in the listing's marketing title. 
  • Address - add the listing's full address and see it on the map
  • Property - define the listing's type, size, amenities, etc. 
  • Stay - what is the default minimum/maximum stay and default check in/out times?
  • Financials - decide what will be the listing's default base price and in what currency to you want it to be?

4. Click Save!

How to push to external booking channels?

In order to push the listing to external booking channels, please contact our support team at [email protected]



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