Using Custom Reports for listings

The listings view is similar to the Custome Report's in its functionality, and helps you view customized lists of your listings. You can find it by clicking on Listings in the navigation bar.


Filters and Columns

You can use the various filters and adjust the columns to see only specific listings. For example, filter the view to see all of your listings that are in a specific city or that contain certain tags. For each one of the listings, you can also adjust the information displayed in the columns. For example, see the room type, number of bedrooms, or the minimum number of nights. 



You can add the listing's information via custom fields or even use them to filter the list.


Save a customized list

Every customized list can then be saved in order to be easily accessible for later use.




Share and Export

This report can also be shared with others or for your own personal use. The export option allows you to download a CSV file (Excel) with the information that is in the current view - both filters and columns. The email option will send the current view to any email address you specify.




The listings view can help you go over your listings based on their characteristics. This way, you can easily find relevant listings that can accommodate 5 guests or are located in a specific city. Plus, it's a great way to see all the information about your listings, including anything that is stored in your custom fields.