Listing cleaning status

When managing multiple listings, it takes a great deal of time to maintain your business' cleaning operation. The Listing Cleaning Status is a useful feature to help you stay on top of things and make sure that a guest never enters a dirty apartment.

Using this feature, you will instantly know which of your listings are clean, dirty, or unknown. For example, you can easily filter your Listings List to view only those which are either clean, dirty, or uncertain. This way, you will know which listings need your immediate attention, or you can quickly find a clean listing for a last-minute booking.

You can update the cleaning status both manually (after a cleaning was made) and automatically (whenever a guest checks in).

Automatic Features for Listing Cleaning Status

Change listing's status from clean to dirty whenever a guest checks in

This option will make sure that whenever a guest checks in it automatically updates the listing's cleaning status to Dirty.

Auto Fade - "Whenever there's doubt, there is no doubt"

If no one has stayed at the listing for more than X number of days, you can automatically set the cleaning status to either Unknown or Dirty.

How do I set up preferences for this feature for an individual listing?

You need to manually activate the feature for every listing in which you wish to use it. To do so, you should:

  1. Go into the relevant listing for which you want to activate the feature.
  2. Inside the listing click the Settings tab
  3. Scroll down to Cleaning Status box
  4. Toggle the Active button

After you have activated the feature, you can set up the preferences in the same box.

  • Do you want to "Mark listing as dirty after check-in"? (Yes/No)
  • Do you want to use the "Auto fade" automation (Yes/No), and if so, set up its preferences? For example, transition listing to "unknown" after 5 days (of being marked as clean).

What is the "Use Account Settings" option?

In your Guesty Dashboard, you can set up a default value or behavior of features. This way, you will be able to easily inherit the settings that are set on the system level and implement them into relevant listings you choose.

When checking the "Use account settings" box, you are indicating that you want this listing to use the same preferences as in your system settings. If you change the system settings for this feature, it will impact all of the listings that have the "Use account settings" checked.

Instead of updating each and every listing, you can do this from one place. If you don't want it to be linked to the system settings, simply un-check the box and update your desired preferences.

Why is this helpful? It allows you to easily update these preferences from one place and saves you the time and effort of updating the listings one-by-one.

How do I set up account-level preferences for the "Listing Cleaning Status" feature?

    1. Go to Account > System settings

    2. Click on the Cleaning Status tab. You will see a box similar to the one inside the listings.
    3. Update your preferences and click Save.

You will still need to activate/deactivate the feature itself inside each listing. The "Use account settings" checkbox will only reflect in your preferences once the feature itself is activated on each related listings.