Connecting my listings to multiple channels

Connecting your listings to multiple channels allows your properties to have greater exposure so you get more bookings.

Guesty allows you to connect your listings to multiple channels using our channel manager partner Rentals United.

In most instances, you must have at least 5 active listings that you wish to connect to multiple channels.

Starting the process

Step 1: Speak to your Guesty On-Border

The first step is to speak to your on-border to add your listings to more channels.

Step 2: Introduction Meeting with Rentals United

The second step is the introduction meeting, in which Rentals United's account manager will configure your Rentals United account and your chosen channels.
After the account and channels configuration step, the RU account manager will guide you how to connect your listings from Guesty to the various channels.

Every channel allows for different levels of integration with channel managers generally, including Rentals United.
For example, some channels allow full access while others only sync calendars and reservations. Your account manager at Rentals United will be able to provide you more information about the particulars of each channel.



Which channels can I work with?

Here is the list of channels which Rentals United support. In order to get more details, click on a specific channel.

For more information about the connection between Guesty and Rentals United see the attached PDF at the bottom of this article.

Will I have to create accounts with all of the channels?

Yes and no. You will need to have an account in every channel you wish to connect, but the process may be different in every channel you connect. Your account manager at Rentals United will help you set up the accounts in every channel you wish (and are eligible) to work with. 

Where should I manage my properties, Guesty or Rentals United?

You should keep managing (calendar, pricing and minimum nights stay) directly from your Guesty Dashboard.

How much time does it take to connect?

The time to connect varies from few days to few weeks based on the channels to which you wish to connect.

Does it matter if I have an existing account in any of the channels?

There is a different process for each scenario. Your Rentals United account manager will guide you through the steps you must take depending on the scenario.

Given that the processes vary from channel to channel, how will I know what to do?

Your account manager in Rentals United will walk you through the process of each channel.