Set user tags

Similar to the Listing Tags feature, User Tags enable you to group your users based on relevant common grounds. Tagging users will then allow you to apply specific rules for multiple users, based on their tags. 

What can you use it for?

User Tags is used to create groups of people based on shared functions in the company, such as "check-in Upper-East side", "Cleaners for luxury apartments" or any other group by which you might want to segment your staff. This is useful, especially when using the Tasks feature where instead of assigning a task to a specific user, you can assign it to a group of users. This way, you can offer specific tasks to a group of people until one of them confirms that he/she can complete it.

How do I set up user tags?

To set up a user tag, an Account Admin should:

  1. Click on Account > Users
  2. Choose the specific user you wish to edit his tags
  3. Under Tags, add or remove the relevant tags you wish to include.