Cleaning Fee

A cleaning fee is a one-time fee charged by some hosts to cover the cost of cleaning their space on Airbnb. The definition of cleaning fee is set in the listing pricing settings in Airbnb or inside the Guesty Dashboard by going to a specific listing -> Property -> Cleaning fee. 
When a reservation created for a listing with a cleaning fee, the cleaning fee will be added to the charge.

There are cases in Airbnb like Special Offers and Alterations in which Airbnb will calculate the cleaning fee as zero.  Each time Guesty gets a reservation from Airbnb with cleaning fee zero while the listing defined with cleaning fee which is greater than zero, Guesty modifies the cleaning fee from zero to the fee which defined in the listing.

The subtotal of the reservation wouldn't be changed.

Listing pricing settings were defined as follows:

  • Night rate of $100
  • Cleaning Fee of $25.

There were 2 reservations for that listing, each one for 3 nights.

Reservation 1 received from Airbnb as:

  • Accommodation Fare = $300
  • Cleaning Fee = $25
  • Subtotal = $325

Reservation 2 received from Airbnb as:

  • Accommodation Fare= $325
  • Cleaning Fee = $0
  • Subtotal = $325

Reservation 1 will remain without modification, but reservation 2 will be modified as follow:

  • Accommodation Fees = $300
  • Cleaning Fee = $25
  • Subtotal = $325 

As you can see, the subtotal will remain $325, but the cleaning fee and the accommodation will be modified.


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