"Should Review" toggle

The Should Review feature enables you to control whether a specific guest from Airbnb will be reviewed or not. By disabling it you prevent Guesty from reviewing a guest on your behalf. This is useful, for example, if you are still waiting for an answer from Airbnb's Resolution Center, or if you know the guest personally and want to send him a special and personal review. 

What does it do?

Using Guesty, you have two options that removes the burden of writing reviews of your Airbnb guests. First, the Receptionist Service includes also reviews for your guests (as well as monitoring incoming reviews). Second, you can use the Auto Review feature that generates reviews based on your predefined settings and templates. 

By toggling off the "Should Review" inside a reservation, you disable the Auto Review feature for this specific reservation, or prevent the Receptionist Service from manually reviewing this guest.

How do I use it?

Go inside a reservation and click on the "Review" tab. This tab will have both the "Should Review" toggle, as well as the reviews themselves once they are submitted.

You will see the toggle only when a reservation still wasn't reviewed.  


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