Websites are an easy and fast solution to showcase your listings' inventory online. This feature allows you to generate your own website in 3 seconds and open your business to receive online bookings and inquiries. 

Who should use this?

  1. Property managers who wish to increase the number of recurring guests across their business
    Spreading the word about your website will help past guests to plan their next vacation knowing that they should come to you first, before browsing the different channels (i.e. Airbnb,, etc.).
  2. Property managers that already receive reservations over the phone/email
    Instead of being limited to your office hours, offer your potential guests the ability to browse by themselves through the different listings and choose between the available options, 24/7. 
  3. Property managers that want to invest money to promote their business via online marketing 
    Having your own website allows you to promote it across social media networks, Google Ads, etc. Building a self-sustained system for reservations is important to reduce your dependency on the different channels - reducing exposure to policy changes and search algorithm updates.  

What are the features that are included in websites?

All websites use the same template that allows you to (1) search for available listings, (2) view more info about each listing, and (3) send an inquiry directly from there.

If all of the websites use the same template, will my website look the same as others?

No. Although all websites use the same template, it is mainly based on pictures of your listings, which means that every website will look different, based on your listings' photos. 

What will be my website's URL address?

By default, all websites start with the same URL address and have a unique ending that can be edited. For example, for a company named "Example" the address would be

You can use your own domain name by -  
a. Go to Account > System Settings > Websites and paste your domain name under "Custom Domain" field in Guesty
b. In your Domain Provider, go to DNS settings and add your Guesty domain (i.e. "") as the CNAME (Aliases).

Your guests will see your Guesty site with the domain you've selected  

Can I collect payments through the website?

Yes. We are using Stripe as a payment processor, allowing you to collect payments manually or automatically. If you're not using it, the new reservations will come in as inquiries and will not include credit card information.

Both options will insert the new reservation into your Guesty Dashboard, either as a confirmed booking or as an inquiry.

Click to learn to connect to Stripe, to charge guests manually or to charge guests automatically.

How do I generate a website?

On the left sidebar click on Account -> System Settings -> Website. In it you will have 4 different fields that you can adjust based on your preferences:

1. Unique URL ending - you can adjust the URL ending as you wish. For example, it can reflect your company's name. 
* Don't worry, you will still be able to change the URL after the first time you generated the website.

2. Title - the website title is the text that will appear on the front page. 

3. Photo - upload a photo that will appear on the front page. Please make sure that it is at least 1200px in width and 800px in height and doesn't contain any text (because the title text will show up on top of it). 

4. Choose which listings do you want to include/exclude in the website - if you don't wish to include all of your listings in the website, you can exclude specific ones, or choose a few that you do wish to include.  


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