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Hooks are an easy way to automate messages to your guests, staff, homeowners or yourself. Each hook delivers your message through three possible channels - via the channel platform, SMS or email.  

Email-based hooks are sent from your integration's proxy email (john@user.guesty.com), the same email address with which you use to enter your channel platform. If a hook is linked to listings from multiple integrations, the hook will be sent each time from the specific listing's reservation.  

The 'Reply to' option means that when the person who receives the email will click on "reply", instead of showing him the integration's proxy email (john@user.guesty.com), he will reply to a different email address.

If someone replies to the email, where will I see it?

Every message that is sent back to the proxy email address (john@user.guesty.com) will be forwarded to your preferred inbox, based on your integration's preferences. 

If the hook was sent to a guest, you will see his answer inside the Inbox, as part of the reservation. However, if you send a hook to an homeowner or one of the users in your account, when he'll reply, the email will not appear inside the Dashboard and will only be forwarded (based on your integration's preferences).

For these cases, you can use the "Reply to" feature. For example, you can set up that replies from a hook that is sent to multiple listings (and integrations) will all be sent to one specific email address (i.e. cleaners@example.com). 

Note: if you're using the receptionists service, they will receive the answer and will continue the conversation through this email address. 

How to set the Reply to email for hooks?

1. Go into the hook that you want to add a "Reply to" address. Go to a Listing -> Automation -> Hooks.

2. Click on the hook (remember, it is only relevant for email-based hooks).

3. Near the subject line you will find the "Reply to" button. Click on it and a new field will be added. 

4. Write down the email address to which you wish the receive. 

* Important note: by adding a different email address (which is not your Guesty proxy email) the answer won't be available for you inside Guesty, nor will we have any indication that the person answer to it. 

You can see here more information about integrations and email forwarding. 

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