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  • I can't charge the guest because there is no credit card number for my VRBO booking. Where can I find it?

 Credit cards which are received with the reservations appear in the "Collect a payment" dialog under the "payment method" dropdown. Go to Reservation -> Financials -> Collect a payment -> Payment method

If no credit card appears then either we didn't get a CC or we failed to create a token for it. We plan to add this invalid CC notification in the near future. Read further in this help center article

You can also set auto payments according to your payment policy. To read more please check out our Auto Payments article.

 You can use Stripe via Guesty to charge manual reservations.


  • Is there a way to send a special offer via Homeaway?

Guesty doesn't support special offers at this point. We suggest creating the reservation either locally in Guesty or in Homeaway then editing the invoice item in Guesty to get the required total.

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