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  • Where can i find my HomeAway bookings in Guesty?

You can view all of your bookings by clicking on "Reservations" in Guesty's top menu. You can also view bookings which originated only from HomeAway by adding a source filter and choosing HomeAway as its value.


Clicking on a reservation will open the reservation details page where you can view and make changes to the reservations status, financials, guests, payments, inbox and tasks.

Note: You can also view your HomeAway bookings directly in Rentals United by clicking "My Bookings" in Rentals United top menu.

  • How to avoid double bookings when using Guesty, RU and HomeAway?

When we get a reservation from any channel, including Homeaway, we will automatically block the reservation dates across all other connected channels, by that ensuring that double booking are nor created.

We also strongly recommend you update your calendar directly in Guesty and avoid direct changes in the channels themselves.

In the unlikely scenario in which you encounter a double booking, please contact our Support Team.


  • Can I cancel a HomeAway booking in Guesty?

 Yes. By changing a reservation status to cancel (Reservation -> Status -> Canceled)

Guesty will send the update to RU who will forward it to Homeaway


  • How often does Guesty sync bookings to RU?

Guesty sync all bookings and calendar updates in real time in all channels.


  • If I receive a booking from Airbnb when will my calendar be blocked in RU?

Once a reservation is confirmed the calendar for that reservation date(s) will be immediately blocked in all connected channels


  • I Cannot pre-approve Homeaway guests or click into the reservation

There is no pre-approve option for HomeAway reservations. A reservation from HomeAway is basically confirmed unless declined within 24 hours.

The way it is represented at Guesty is - a reservation from HomeAway is created in Guesty in 'reserved' status. The user has 24h to decline it - otherwise, it'll be confirmed automatically


  • How to clarify your cancellation policy for HomeAway?

If your listing originated from Airbnb, Guesty will set your Airbnb cancellation policy in HomeAway. Otherwise, Guesty will set your cancellation policy to be 50% refund up until 7 days prior to check in.
This means the guests will be refunded 50% of the accommodation fare if they cancel the reservation up to 7 days prior to check in. If the guests cancel less than 7 days in advance, the accommodation fee is not refunded.

Guesty does not support updating the cancellation policy in the Guesty platform at this point.

However, your cancellation policy can be easily updated from your Rentals United account either in bulk or at a property level. Please ask your Rentals United account manager for instructions on how to do this. The cancellation policy, once updated, will then be sent via the API to HomeAway.


  • I need to adjust a reservation, but I can’t find where/how to edit it in Guesty.

To adjust a reservation in Guesty (update status, listing or dates) go to the "Reservations" page and click on the desired reservation.


1. Reservation cancellation

In the reservation page, Guesty supports cancellation of HomeAway reservations via Rentals United. This means that if you cancel a HomeAway reservation in Guesty, it'll be correctly updated in RU and HomeAway.
In order to cancel a reservation set the status dropdown to canceled.


2. Change Listing for a Reservation

You can assign the reservation to a different listing that is connected to RU and HomeAway. We will update the reservation in Rentals United and HomeAway to reflect the change. It's unadvisable to assign a listing which is not connected to Rentals United and HomeAway since the change will not be reflected in HomeAway. This means that the reservation will remain booked in HomeAway and both listings will be blocked in Guesty, Rentals United and HomeAway.


3. Alter dates for a reservation

Guesty does not support date alterations for HomeAway reservations in the Guesty dashboard.

However, you can alter reservation dates in Rentals United. Your Guesty dashboard will be updated with the changes made in Rentals United on an hourly basis. 

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