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Homeaway Inquiries

  • Can I view and respond to HomeAway reservation requests via Guesty. If yes - where? What does this look like?

Homeaway reservations are received from RU in reserved status, after 24h they automatically become confirmed unless the user approved or declined the reservation on the reservation page.

You can approve or decline a Homeaway reservation in the reservation page. If you approve, the status becomes confirmed.


You can also approve or decline a Homeaway reservation directly from your guest conversation in the inbox:



  • Where can i see Homeaway leads (inquiries) in Guesty?

Homeaway leads appear in Guesty as reservations in Inquiry status. The lead message will appear in the inbox as a communication from a guest.

Note: changing a Homeaway inquiry status manually will have no effect on the lead in Homeaway. You can only confirm/decline Homeaway reservation requests which appear as reservation in reserved status in Guesty.

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