Set up your first Hook

At Guesty we have analyzed and discovered the best practices regarding automated messages (Hooks) to increase guest satisfaction and reduce guest frustration and we made some essential templates so you can leverage your insights.

In this article we will be setting up one of those template Hooks (best practices) and later you will learn how to create your own custom Hook from scratch.


A Hook can be set up for specific listings or for all your listings.

To get started head to one of your listings. You can do so by clicking on "Listings" from the menu bar, and then selecting one of your listings.

Then click "Automation" and choose Hooks.




Locate the button that says "Hooks Best Practices", and click on it. A new menu will appear.




Select the hooks you want to import, scroll down and confirm.

Do not worry, the hooks are not automatically activated once imported. An activation step is required, so it is safe to import anything that you think can be useful and choose later which ones to activate.



Congratulations, you now have hooks!

To review the hooks and choose which ones to activate, just click on the Hook you want to review.



Clicking on it makes the editor open up. In here you can change the message that the guest will receive. 

The words you see wrapped in brackets are dynamic variables that allow you to personalize the message for each guest with their own booking information. See the full list of available variables and how to use them.


Please read the template message and add your own instructions or information.

After setting up your message, click on the Enable Switch at the topmost right to enable the Hook, and then hit Save.




Finally, make sure that the Hooks feature is active.



Hooray! You have just set up your first hook!

Guests will receive the specified message on the right moment.



Things to note:

This Hook by default only applies to this specific listing. You can specify which listings should use this Hook, or you can enable it for all listings if you leave that field empty.


Create a hook from scratch...

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