Assigning your own domain

If you have created a booking website with Guesty you know that it is already online and has its own subdomain like

In this guide, you will learn how to set up your own white label with your custom domain and allow guests and potential guests to visit


  • A domain name registered - Guesty is not a domain registrar, therefore we can not provide you with custom domain names.
  • A Guesty Website.

Set up your Guesty subdomain

The first step is to go to your Guesty Website dashboard, you can do so by navigating to

Account > System Settings > Websites > Select the website

Now you can set up your custom domain in Guesty.



It isn't required to match the website address with your custom domain.

Setting up your DNS Records in your domain name provider

If your domain name is registered with GoDaddy skip this section and follow the step by step tutorial on the next section. Otherwise, continue reading.

  1. Log into your domain name provider account and navigate to the settings or configuration for the domain.
  2. Set up a CNAME record and choose the host as www and as the value set your Guesty website address (the one ending in
  3. Set up a URL Redirect (or Redirect Domain) from to, if at any point you are asked for a host you can type @, and if you can choose to select "Permanent redirect (301)"
  4. Done! Don't get frustrated if changes don't reflect immediately. Changes in domain name providers can take up to 48 hours. 


Setting up your DNS Records in GoDaddy

The following step by step tutorial follows GoDaddy process.

Log into your GoDaddy account, and access your products.


Next, click the green "Manage" button corresponding to "Domains".



Once on your domain list, click on the settings icon and select Manage DNS.




Here you will see the DNS records for your domain. To start, delete the A record by clicking on the pencil to edit.




Once open, click on the trash icon. 




Now let's edit the CNAME. 




Instead of pointing to '@' it should point to your Website Address (the one ending in, not your custom domain!), that's to say something like ""

The host should be www, as shown in the image below.



When finished, your records should now look like this:




Almost there!

What have we done? Now should redirect to your Guesty Website.

You may ask: "What about without the www"? 

Continue reading!


Setting the root to the domain (making it work without the www)

To make this work we don't need to get technical, we just need to setup a feature called “Forwarding” on GoDaddy.

At the very bottom of the Manage DNS settings screen on GoDaddy, you will see in the lower right corner a box called “Forwarding.”


Click on ADD to open up the forwarding options. Make sure that your domain forwards to the www version of your Custom Domain, and that the forward type is a Permanent 301 forward.



You are done!

Don't get frustrated if changes don't reflect immediately. Every change in GoDaddy can take up to 48 hours.