Guesty Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet was made in order to summarize Guesty's rules of thumb :)

To start, we highly recommend you to use only Guesty as your main platform. Especially for calendars and pricing functions (blocking/opening dates and changing prices). We push the data right away to all channels! 


  • Newly added listings to Airbnb get pulled by Guesty once every 24 hours.
  • They will be pulled to Guesty asInactive, find them by filtering the Listing’s view:
    Go to Listings > Select View > Inactive Listings


  • You must then activate them and their features one by one.
  • External calendars that sync with Airbnb need to be disabled once connecting to Guesty.
  • Never create another integration in Guesty for an Airbnb account that was already integrated with Guesty in the past. The new integration won't work, we must connect the old one. Turn to support if help needed.



  • Data flow :
    All channels under Rentals United (RU) first send their data to RU, then we pull it from RU.
  • Airbnb daily sync:
    Any change done in Airbnb will get pulled by Guesty only once every 24 hours, thus:
  • Use Guesty:
    Any change made in Guesty is pushed immediately to Airbnb, to Rentals United and to direct (with exceptions depending on the functionality and the existence of those fields in the other channels).


Integration Page

  • Make sure to turn the Forwarding emails toggle - on and input a recipient
    Go to Account > Integrations > My Integrations > Airbnb integration > click on a specific integration  
  • On the right side, you will see important emails from Airbnb’s support, which are kept there for 9 days for you to be able to respond to Airbnb- from.

  • If this toggle is on, will mean that Guesty goes in Airbnb every 24 hours to pull data. If it is off, we will not pull that data. It is recommended to leave it off to avoid conflicting data. Manage your calendar solely through Guesty and you should be fine.


Reservations and Inbox sync

  • Reservations and messages should always flow seamlessly from a channel to Guesty.

The Guesty proxy email address ( provided by Guesty, should be in every communication field in every listing for every channel, for the messages and data to keep flowing into Guesty. Ask support if not sure :)


Payment Processor, guests' cards and more:

  • Using Stripe and Guesty? Read THIS


Manual listings and reservations

  • Creating a listing from Guesty will not push it to Airbnb. The listing can be pushed to Rentals United (RU) and to
  • Creating a manual reservation will block the dates in Airbnb and in all channels as well.
  • Manual reservations are always charged (if you wish to input a reservation for owner’s stay in the property - simply block the dates)

If there is a feature in a channel and that feature does not exist in Guesty- chances are we will not support it. Ask us if not sure.