FAQ: Airbnb integration


Can Guesty create listings on Airbnb for me?

While we would be happy to assist you with the management of your account and listings, our service does not include the creation of new listings.

Airbnb blocked my account until I go through the verification process. What does it mean?

 Airbnb sometime blocks random accounts for security and privacy reasons. This also disables our access to managing your account properly. 


  • Login to your Airbnb account.
  • You will be prompted to verify your account via SMS. Airbnb will send you a text message with a 4 digit code that you need in order to reactivate your account and our ability to manage your listings.
How can I change which Airbnb emails I want to receive?

When you sign up with Guesty, you can choose which if any emails you would like us to forward to you from Airbnb (we automatically continue to receive them all).  

You can receive all, none, or one or more of the following: confirmations, payment statements, booking requests, reminders, reviews, or emails from guests.

Is my password for my Guesty Dashboard different from my Airbnb password?

Conceptually Yes.

Your password for Guesty isn't related to your Airbnb password.
Therefore it can be the same or different.

Can I delete an Inactive integration?

Unfortunately deleting inactive integration from the Guesty interface is not something that is possible as of yet. This will not affect your account in any way.

Sending/ Receiving messages from Airbnb

Why am I not receiving reservation/messages from Airbnb?

Please follow the next steps:

  1. Make sure that the listing is active in Guesty and that the integration is active (Account > Integrations > Airbnb).
    1. Integration is active:
      1. Log in to Airbnb and see if the verification email was confirmed, under Trust and verification.
      2. It can take p to 24 hours to re-sync the listing.
    2. Integration is inactive:
      1. Log into Airbnb
      2. Change the Airbnb email to the Guesty integration email.
  2. Log in to Airbnb. Check the notification settings on the account settings in Airbnb, make sure that ALL the email fields are checked.


I want to answer my gust, but I can only write a note

In this case, the reservation didn't come with any means of communication (phone, email). Please add them manually to the reservation. 

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