What is the difference between a manual task and an automatic task?

Tasks help you in organizing, optimizing and tracking your vacation rental operations management and allow you to assign duties (i.e., personal check in, check out cleaning, fixing a leaking toilet, etc.) to your staff members, set the tasks details (start time, duration, description, checklist, etc.), generate automatic tasks based on various triggers and to track the progress.

When creating a task on our platform there are two possible options, a manual task or an automatic task (Autotask).

Manual Task

The manual task is used as a one-time-task for a designated staff member (e.g there is a leaking toilet and the plumber needs to come in). Once the task is done there is no need to repeat it.

 Create a new manual task


The Autotask is used for any tasks which you want to schedule automatically such as cleaning right after every check-out or an in-person key exchange for your guests at check-in, or yet another option would be to create an auto task for each beginning or end of a given Rental Period.

Create a new Autotsk