Nights Limit - FAQ's

Guesty imports only reservations that start after the listing’s integration date. How can I adjust the night limits in this case?

You can set a different night limit for the current year and for future years in order to compensate for the reservations that were completed before integrating the listing into Guesty.

For example:

  • The local law in your area allows 60 booked nights per year
  • You already had 20 booked nights before the listing’s integration date

What you should do is set the night limit to:

  • 40 nights for the current year
  • 60 nights per year for all upcoming years


Where can I see a summary of booked nights and night limits for multiple listings?

This can be seen in 2 places:

Listing reports (Coming soon)

You can create a report with the following columns:

  • Booked nights in {year}
  • Nights limit


A counter will appear for each listing that has Nights Limit toggled turned ON.

Color indicators:

  • Black - more than 10 days left
  • Yellow - less than 10 days left
  • Red - more than 100%