Deleting a listing

We advise you to not to delete listings from Guesty, but rather to deactivate them.

When you delete listings, there are several irreversible consequences:

  • All data (except for the Guesty fee) related to that listing will be completely deleted from our system.
  • The deleted listing's reservations with check-in in the future will still be charged in the upcoming cycles, according to their check-in date. Those reservations, however, will appear as undefined and we will not be able to pull any information on what that reservation was.
  • This will also affect your Analytics in Guesty. You will not be able to see any information about the reservations for these listings through this feature.

    After a listing is deleted, we can't draw back this info for you; it's a permanent deletion of data. For that reason, we ask users to simply deactivate listings using the Deactivate all features button.