Deleting a listing

We advise you not to delete listings from Guesty, but to simply deactivate them instead.

When you delete listings, there are several irreversible consequences:

  • All data (except for the Guesty fee) related to that listing will be completely deleted from our system.
  • The deleted listing's reservations with check-in in the future will still be charged in the upcoming cycles, according to their check-in date. Those reservations, however, will appear as undefined and we will not be able to pull any information about the reservation.
  • This will also affect your Analytics in Guesty. You will not be able to see any information about the reservations for these listings through this feature.

    After a listing is deleted, we can't draw back this info for you; it's a permanent deletion of data. For that reason, we ask users to simply deactivate listings using the Deactivate all features button.


How to delete a listing 

  1. Go to Listings > Choose the listing you want to delete> Settings.
  2. Scroll Down to Deactivate.
  3. Click Delete listing and all of its data (not recommended)

No data will be kept for future references except for future reservations that will still get billed.