Reactivating a listing

In order to reactivate a listing:

  1. Go to Listings > Select the listing that you want to activate; Either change the Active is Yes filter, OR change it to Active is No.

    By default, you will also see all listings that are Listed in Airbnb. If you’d like to remove this filter to see inactive listings regardless of whether or not they’re Listed in Airbnb, you can do so too.

  2. Go to Settings > PMS Features > Turn ON.
    Below this will be an empty field for you to write the listing's Nickname.
  3. click SAVE
  4. Click the Automation tab> AutoMessages >Turn ON.
  5. Click the Automation tab > Answering Machine > Turn ON.
  6. Click the Automation tab > AutoReviews > Turn ON.
  7. Any other Automation feature you'd like on, can also be turned on.
  8. If you'd like Guest Service Experts to help you with your bookings for this listing (incurs an extra charge and requires set-up):
    1. Click the Communication Service tab > Turn ON all 7 of the toggles.
    2. SAVE each one.
      (there is a SAVE button in each individual section in the Communication Service tab.)

Once a listing is activated in Guesty, all reservations with check-out in the future for that listing will be reflected in your upcoming invoices.