VirtualKEY is a smart lock feature that allows the PM to control who has access to his property at any given time.

VirtualKEY understands that each property is unique and the guests that visit your property may be a typical demographic with peculiar needs. Therefore, VirtualKEY integrates with several different lock types.



Setting up VirtualKEY in Guesty 

  1. After registering at VirtualKEY, please follow the following steps: 
  2. Go to Account > Integration 
  3. In the Marketplace select VirtualKEY
  4. Activate the integration 
  5. Copy the API Token that was generated
  6. Contact VirtualKEY to in order to activate the integration on their side

Once integrated, you can start working with VirtualKEY


Sending an automated email with the keycode to your guest

  1. Setup a Custom Field for VirtualKEY
  2. setup an Automated Message to send the keycode to your guest



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