Deactivating a listing

Clicking Deactivate All Features button will deactivate a listing and all of its features in Guesty.

When you deactivate a listing, you will still get billed for reservations that were confirmed before the moment of deactivation, even if the check-in is way into the future (we bill confirmed reservation once a week, based on the check-in date). You can read more about this here: How does Guesty billing work? 

All new Airbnb reservations will still be pulled to our database (as long as the integration itself is active), but you will not be able to see them or manage them through Guesty, and will not be billed for them.

The reason we continue to pull the reservation data for that listing to our database is so that the minute you choose to reactivate the listing, those new reservations will then automatically appear. Only once you reactivate the listing in Guesty, the new reservations will be added to your billing cycle. 

Deactivating a listing

  1. Go to Listings > Choose the listing you want to deactivate > Settings
  2. Tun off the PMS Features toggle
  3. Scroll down to Deactivate
  4. Click Deactivate all features

If you click Delete listing and all of its data (not recommended) that's exactly what it does, no data will be kept for future references except for future reservations that will still get billed.