Setting Up Your Booking Site

Setting up a booking website is quick and easy, just follow the next steps:

Go to Account > System settings > Websites > Create Website

General Settings
  • Website address (sub-domain) - Guesty provides you a domain so you can set up and have your website in just a few clicks.
  • Custom domain - Consider using a custom domain for white labeling and better SEO purposes. There is no additional cost for connecting your own domain name with your guesty booking website.
  • Business Name - will appear in the footer of the page, and will bring a professional look to your business.
  • Business Address - will appear in the footer of the page, and will bring a professional look to your business.
  • Logo
  • Background Image
  • Email - receive notifications about new reservations or inquiries from your website.
  • Booking Options - Choose one of the Booking Options:
    • instant booking (obligates the guest to input their CC details)
    • inquiries (no CC details required)
  • Phones - add your phone numbers that will show on your site.
  • Social Profiles - or links  to add on the site footer
  • Google Analytics - Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.
  • Facebook Pixel - The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.
    TIP For the more marketing only savvy: you can use facebook dynamic ads for Hotels.
Theme Color

Change the theme colors to match your brand colors. 

Allow coupons

Allow guests to use coupons in your booking website.

Home Page

Enter your homepage title.

Search page

Set how your customers can search your booking website.

Search bar

Filter the search bar

About Page

Write something about your company and listings.

Featured listings

Select which of your listings you would like to promote on the booking website.


Show a map on your booking website.

Contact Us form

The forms will be sent to the email address that was defined in the General Settings

Services Page

Write about the services you offer your guests.

Terms, Conditions & Cancellation Policy

Make sure you tell your guests about all your terms and policies; for example, you can explain how your cancellation policy works.

Embeddable widgets

Paste snippets in your external website to let your visitors search your listings