Instant Booking vs Inquiries

When setting up the Booking website, you have to choose one of the following booking options:

  • Inquiries
  • Instant bookings

If you do not have a Stripe account connected to Guesty, the "Instant bookings" option will not be available.


When you choose the Inquiries option, guests can place booking requests for available dates. Once you have approved the requested dates, you will need to enter the guests' credit card detail manually.

This option is usually used when you want to charge on location (e.g: cash) or you want to pre-approve existing guests without them need a credit card.

Because the dates require your confirmation, inquiry dates can overlap between each other. Once a reservation is confirmed, new inquiries cannot be placed on the blocked dates.

Instant Bookings

When you choose the Instant Booking option, your guest can book available dates according to the availability of the listing. Once the guest's credit card is validated - the dates are booked!