Nights Limit - Overview and Setup

If the local laws in your area limit the number of booked nights allowed per year, you can use Guesty’s Nights Limit feature to block the calendar for a listing once it has reached its annual limit of booked nights.

This feature is available only for Entire apartment type listings.


To set up a limit, go to the specific Listing > Property tab > Night Limit


Reservation types that are counted as booked nights:

  • Confirmed reservations
  • Days that were blocked by smart calendar rules


Night limit settings are NOT configured automatically for listings connected with smart calendar rules— remember to set night limits for them as well.


Exceeding the night limit

Once you exceed the night limit you have set, you will get a notification and the calendar for the relevant listing will be blocked for the rest of the year.

Guesty can’t make sure you won’t pass your night limit.

For example, if your night limit is 60 nights per year and you already have 58 booked nights, you can still get an instant book reservation that is longer than 2 days and you will exceed your night limit.


It is your responsibility to comply with local laws!


Canceled reservations

When you have reached the night limit and a reservation has been canceled, the listing will automatically be available again and you will get a notification about it.


Manually approving reservations

When you approve a reservation manually that exceeds the night limit, a warning will be shown both in Guesty’s inbox and reservation page.