Guesty 101

Welcome! We're very happy to have you on board. Let's start setting up Guesty!


This tutorial series will show you the core capabilities of the Guesty system. With it, you will learn the ropes to apply the basic features of our Property Management System (PMS) as quickly as possible. With it, you can begin the process of mastering Guesty, you will start seeing the value the software can deliver to your business growth, and eventually let our software do everything for you. You might actually need help figuring out what to do with all that free time ;)


Step 1: Airbnb integration 

Now that you’ve signed up, it’s time to import all of your listings into Guesty!

The first step it to import you listing from Airbnb.

  1. Before you start, log in to your Airbnb account and:
    1. Make sure you are logged-in with your email & password and not via a Google account or Facebook. If you are logged-in via a Google account or Facebook please log-out and log-in with your email and password (you might have to reset your password in order to do so).
    2. We can only integrate with Listing Admin’s (aka hosts, the person who opened the account).
    3. Please verify your email under Airbnb Edit profile.
    4. Under settings, make sure that all the Email checkboxes are check.
    5. We strongly recommend not to import calendar availability and pricing from Airbnb, but rather to manage availability and pricing only within Guesty. Managing it within Guesty avoids the risk of calendar discrepancies with Airbnb or calendar blocking from Airbnb (e.g when the booking night limit has been reached). Read more
  2. Go to Account > Integrations > Airbnb.
  3. Follow the integration setup
  4. Once you are done you can start connecting your listing to the other channels.

if you don't have any listings on Airbnb, we suggest you create them there and then import them into Guesty.

Step 2: Activation

Once your listings are imported and synced, you can activate the PMS for them, by following the steps in the video below. For better communication, you can add nicknames to your listings (accessed through the listings' settings tab). Titles are great for marketing purposes, but short simple names are easier for day-to-day logistics.

  1. Go to Listings
  2. Change the listing view to Inactive Listings view

  3. Select the relevant listing 
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Click on the PMS features toggle button




Mail and Calendar 

Once a listing is activated, the Inbox and the Multi-Calendar will start working automatically.

Only activates listings will be shown in the calendar and the inbox.

Step 3: Other Integrations

Go to Account > Integrations > Select the relevant channel in the  Marketplace



We integrate with:

  • Agoda
  • For other channels please advise with your Guesty on-boarder. 
Step 4: The Reservation page

Once your listings are up and running, it is time to see how Guesty displays all of your relevant information for each of your reservations.

Click to see how it works


For more tips and trick - see Guesty's Cheat Sheet

Once the basics are done, Lest start customizing Guesty for your current needs and growth.

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