Guesty's mobile app

The Guesty mobile app is designed to help you manage your properties and tasks on the go. As such, the first version of the app contains the most essential features you deal with multiple times a day.



We support Android versions 4.3 and forward, but recommend Android 7 forward

What does the mobile app provide me with?

Roles and permissions

In order to get access to the app, you have to be a Guesty user. Users with different permission levels can see different features.

  • Listing Viewers: can see My Tasks, which includes all of the tasks directly assigned to you or to a group you are a part of (based on User Tags). Listing viewers also have access to Reservation and Listing information related to a task but cannot see the Inbox or private custom fields.
  • Listing Managers: can see app features - including Inbox and private custom fields.
  • Account administrator: can control the different levels of access using the permission settings and user roles.

Reservation notes (for guests, cleaning or other) will be displayed in the app under the Reservation section, only if a note exists.


View the same notifications that are available in the Dashboard in the Mobile App.

You can subscribe to the general notifications you would like to receive through the app's settings:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select General Notifications 
  3. Turn on the notifications you would like to receive

Any notifications subscription updates will be reflected both in the Mobile App and the Dashboard.

Mobile quick actions

A single notification can be removed by swiping left the item and taping on Remove


Push Notifications

You can get push notifications for general notifications you are subscribed to, messages or tasks. You can set notification settings from the settings page.

The task notifications will push when a task is assigned to you or to your team, when a task is modified or canceled.


Notification types will be presented according to your role and permissions (e.g. cleaners will only have the option to get tasks notifications).

Push notifications for "General Notifications" will be Off by default.