Guesty's mobile app

The Guesty mobile app is designed to help you manage your properties and tasks on the go. As such, the first version of the app contains the most essential features you deal with multiple times a day.

Key Features

  • Reservations management
  • Inbox
  • Notifications
  • Tasks reporting


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Roles and permissions

In order to get access to the app, you have to be a Guesty user. Users with different permission levels can see different features.

  • Listing Viewers: can see My Tasks, which includes all of the tasks directly assigned to you or to a group you are a part of (based on User Tags). Listing viewers also have access to Reservation and Listing information related to a task but cannot see the Inbox or private custom fields.
  • Listing Managers: can see app features - including Inbox and private custom fields.
  • Account administrator: can control the different levels of access using the permission settings and user roles.

Reservation notes (for guests, cleaning or other) will be displayed in the app under the Reservation section, only if a note exists. 



Reservation status and time

Throughout the app, you can easily see the status of any confirmed reservation on the reservation overview cards:


For each reservation, you can see the name and image of the guest, the listing nickname (not the titles. more on that later), the status of the reservation, and reservation check-in/out time. 


Confirmed reservation status icons

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png mceclip2.png

Future reservation

 In progress 

Past reservation

Inquiries (inquiry status) and booking requests (reserved status) will be labeled explicitly as such, to help you identify them and attend to them promptly. 


Reservation time

Below the status icon, you can see the appropriate time of the reservation, according to context:

  • In "currently hosting" and in "check-outs", you'll see the check out time / expected time of departure (ETD)
  • In "check-ins" you'll see the check-in time / expected time of arrival (ETA)
  • In "Search" you'll see both the check in and check out date (not hour)


Check-in/out vs. ETA/ETD

In the Guesty web app, on each reservation you can see 4 fields:

  • Listing default check in time
  • Listing default check out time
  • ETA (optional)
  • ETD (optional)

In the mobile app, we show you only the most relevant data:

  1. If there is no EDA/ETD, we'll show the listing's default check in/out time
  2. If there is an ETA/ETD, we'll show that instead



Reservation screens

The reservations screen is divided into 3 sections:

  • Currently staying
  • Check-ins
  • Check-outs




Currently staying

Here you can see all the reservations that are currently with you, meaning that have a check-in in the past, and check-out in the future. The reservations are sectioned by the checkout date, so you can easily know how many of your current guests are checking out on each day. Naturally, this page only shows confirmed reservations, not inquiries, booking requests or canceled reservations.

Check-ins / Checkouts

Here you can see all the confirmed reservations that are checking in/out on a specific date. You can scroll and pick a close day, or navigate to past months with the date picker, by tapping on the month. The time on each reservation is the check in/out time, according to the selected screen.

Reservation information screen

When tapping a reservation, you go to the reservation info screen, that shows you the reservation summary, reservation finances, and reservation conversation:


Reservation summary

The reservation summary shows you:

  • Reservation status
  • Source
  • Check-in/out vs. ETA/ETD:
    • if there is no ETA/ETD, a "default time" will show with the listing's default check-in/out hour
    • if there is an ETA/ETD, with late check-in or early check-out, the app will show "ETA" or "ETD", with the appropriate time
    • If there is an ETA/ETD with early check-in or late checkout, an exclamation mark will show to help you notice the event, as it might require special attention on your part
  • Guest number and info, including a quick redirect to your phone's dialer for a quick phone call
  • Extra information (custom fields)
Reservation financials - invoice items

By clicking the top bar, you can go to see the reservations invoice items.

Currently, you can't add invoice items from the app, or see payments. We'll add that soon.


Reservation conversation

See the example below.


Reservation edit screen

Users with the appropriate permissions can edit reservation data such as guest name or email, custom fields, and more.



Reservation search

You can search for reservations by guest name, guest email, confirmation code, etc., just like in the Guesty web app.

Unlike in the reservation screens, search results include reservations of all statuses - inquiry, confirmed, etc..




Of course, the most important use of a mobile app is to reply to guests and leads quickly.


The inbox shows all conversations that are not archived or snoozed (we'll add those functionalities in the future).  


Conversation screen

The conversation screen is very similar to the web inbox.

You can change assignee and view the reservation details by tapping the icons on the top right.




As always, reply to your guest through all channels - Airbnb, email, SMS, or right an internal note.



For now, there are no saved replies in the mobile version.

Push Notifications

Users can get push notifications for messages or tasks. You can set notification settings from the settings page.

My Tasks

The My Tasks feature helps property managers manage their operations more efficiently by providing a tool for staff to keep track of & update tasks while on the go.


Who should use the app for My Tasks?
  • Cleaners can view and update their upcoming cleanings
  • Maintenance staff can see the task location and requirements
  • Greeters can choose which check-in tasks to take & communicate with guests on the go
What can you do in My Tasks?
  1. View task requirements
  2. Mark items in a checklist
  3. Add & see notes and attachments about a task
  4. Confirm tasks & update status.

    There are 5 statuses: Assigned (to an individual or team), Confirmed, In Progress, Done and Canceled

  5. Track completed tasks
Using My Tasks

Tasks are created and assigned from the Guesty dashboard. The task assignee (either an individual or group) can then see assigned tasks in Guesty’s mobile app.

  1. Open the app (or access My Tasks from the More menu)
  2. The first screen shows you tasks assigned to you or your team that you will need to confirm. Approve your tasks, or choose tasks assigned to your group by tapping the Take it button. You can view a task by tapping on the card before accepting it.
  3. Click Start Task at the beginning of a task change its status to in progress.
  4. Review task descriptions, update the checklist, add pictures and notes.
  5. See number of bed and number of guest for the current, previous and/or next reservations.
  6. See more information about a reservation or listing by clicking on the Reservation or Listing icons on the top right corner.
  7. Click End Task to mark a task as complete.

Scheduled tasks will appear in the app for all the days they are scheduled. Tasks that aren't completed within the given time frame allocated for the tasks will no longer show up in the app

Creating new tasks

The tasks supervisor can automate the creation of AutoTasks inside the Guesty Dashboard, and automatically assign tasks to a specific staff member or a group of people every time a new reservation comes in. Autotasks are great for repetitive tasks such as cleanings & greetings. One-time tasks, like maintenance or linen tasks, can also be created and assigned from the Dashboard. Both types of tasks will show up in the app of the assigned staff member or group.


Since the app contains a lot more than just tasks - reservation, inbox and more - please make sure your staff members have the correct permissions. Cleaners usually get viewer permissions, while greeters usually get listing manager permissions. Read more about permissions.

What's next? 

In the next releases, we will be adding:

  • In-app notifications 
  • Multi-calendar

Have any questions that need clarifying? Contact our support team.

Have any feature ideas or requests regarding the mobile app? Contact your account manager, or email us directly at