Automating your system

Guesty can make your life as a Property Manager much easier by automating our system to your needs. Setting up the system might be a bit confusing and tricky, but in the long run, it will save you time and money!


Step 1: Auto-Messages

While each booking is unique, hosts find themselves sending the same messages dozens – even hundreds – of times, every month. Automated messages are a smart way to automate the process of repeatedly sending these messages, without requiring any effort or attention from the host.

Set up your first auto-message

Got the hang of it? See our best practice


Consider the filters on the automated messages if you are using the best practices!! The best way to make sure all your guests receive the needed information is to import "Check-in Instructions" together with all 3 "Booking confirmation" automated messages. If you aren't sure where to start, contact us and our customer success team will be happy to advise you on the best setup for your business.

Step 2: Auto-Response

The Automated Response feature was built to increase your level of responsiveness to your guests. It is a smart message that is automatically sent to your guests if an inquiry is left unanswered after a specified timeframe (the timeframe is set by you). You can control both the content of the message and the length of the waiting period before its delivery. 

Let's create your auto-response.

Step 3: Auto-Payments

Guesty's Auto Payments feature allows you to easily set your payment policy per listing. Guesty will automatically create and activate these payments for each reservation.

First, you will have to create a Stripe account.

Auto Payments rules will only apply to non-Airbnb reservations.

Done with Stripe? Create your auto payments rules

Here are some cool tips and tricks.

Any questions?

Step 4: Auto-Review 

The Auto Review feature allows you to automatically fill out reviews for your guests. This useful tool is designed to save you time and the hassle of writing similar reviews time after time.  

Get you reviewings rating up!


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