Guesty's Account Financial Features

Financial fields

Finances are handled differently on certain channels and by different property managers.

For that reason, there are multiple fields that define financial values. Here you can find an overview of all these fields as they are used on the Guesty Dashboard.


Markups allow you to add an amount on top of your set base price a channel by channel basis.

This feature is particularly useful to make sure the booking channel fees are included in the nightly price.

Apply your markups

Channel commission (Host channels fees)

The channel commission feature calculates the channels commission (host channel fee) and tax commission automatically. 

The commision is calculated per channel in use:

  • Airbnb
  • Agoda
  • Other channels

Charge your channel commission

Revenue share

The Revenue Share feature allows you to easily divide and calculate the booking payments with any teammate, colleague, property manager, or another contact

Calculate your revenue share 

Tax configuration

The Tax Configuration field allows you to control the tax fees for each reservation. You can add a single tax or multiple taxes on account level (for it to be applied to all of your listings). Alternatively, you can disable the account level taxes on a specific listing or set its own tax fees. Based on the settings, the applicable tax amounts will be detailed per reservation in its Financials tab.

Configure your taxes 

Taxes are not applied to reservations from Airbnb

Reservation guest billing

In a reservation's financial tab you can perform either Collect Payment or Place an Authorization Hold. 

  • Collect PaymentOnce you have connected your account to Stripe, you have the option inside each reservation to insert the credit card information and charge it.
  • Place an Authorization HoldThis feature is used to verifying a credit card (if you have successfully placed an authorization hold, the card is valid) and as a safety deposit (funds can be held to make sure the card will have sufficient funds for a later payment). 

Catalogue of services

As property managers, you often offer your guests additional services such as local tours, breakfast, shuttle service from the airport, etc. This information can now be stored inside your listings and be used by both your guests and team. 

This catalog of services will have more and more applications as time goes. Currently, you can easily include these items inside specific reservations and allow your internal team to see all of the services you offer along with the prices. 

Set up your catalogue