Thinking outside of Guesty

Guesty provides out-of-the-box tools in order to help and grow your business.

Guesty's Booking site

The Guesty Booking Website will allow you to display your listing for potential customers. They can browse through your listings and book them directly from the sites - without any channel fees! The site will automatically connect your listing and update the Calendar when a reservation is made.

Spreading the word about your website will help past guests to plan their next vacation knowing that they should come to you first, before browsing the different channels (e.g. Airbnb,, etc.).

Instead of being limited to your office hours, offer your potential guests the ability to browse by themselves through the different listings and choose between the available options, 24/7. 

Having your own website allows you to promote it across social media networks, Google Ads, online marketing etc. 

Building a self-sustained system for reservations is important to reduce your dependency on the different channels - reducing exposure to policy changes and search algorithm updates. 

What are you waiting for? Set up your Booking Site now!

Mobile app

The Guesty Mobile-App is designed to help you manage your properties on the go. 

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