Coupons Best Practice and Marketing Strategies

Coupon restrictions 

Different restrictions can be set for each coupon and be combined in all different ways.

  • Minimum nights restrictions.
  • Check-in date restrictions.
  • Maximum amount of coupon uses.
  • Redeem by a certain date as expiration.

Marketing strategies

Combining the restrictions can create several different marketing tactics to boost your marketing efforts:

  • Increase lengths of stay - Adjust the minimum nights of the coupon to promote longer stays.
  • Boost up bookings during low seasons - Specify check-in dates according to your low seasons.
  • Urgency - Combine 'redeem by date' and 'number of uses' to create a sense of urgency and drive reservations on a short period of time. This works better with a high discount percentage and good communication and distribution to potential guests (e.g: newsletter or social networks)
  • Sharing is caring - Set the number of uses to unlimited, and incentive your guests to share them with friends and family.
  • One time use only as compensation or as prize-winning - Choose only one use under ‘Total uses’. The limit can be changed at any time.
  • Early booking - Choose an expiration date (redeem by date) way before then the check-in date range.
  • Upcoming long weekend - Combining 'minimum nights' and 'date of check-in' you can target a specific upcoming long weekend, and even combine it with 'redeeming by date' to create a sense of urgency.